Experience Finland in five hours in Lempäälä

Here you find everything what is typical in Finland

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Allow Lempäälä to charm you with splendid countryside and cottage holidays, wide range of cultural events, historical atmospheres and great new ideas!

(Vaihmalan Hovi surroundings)            (Villa Hakkari)

The Museum Road, for instance, offers interesting historical atmospheres with its many charming little museums, such as the shop museum and the barber museum. And you need not look far to get a delicious meal: the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs -rewarded restaurant Villa Hakkari is located right next door and while eating you may enjoy the beautiful newly expanded arboretum in the surroundings of the restaurant!

Don´t miss the landmark of the town centre, the beautiful Church of St. Birgitta, that dates back to the 16th century.

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Birgitta Trail

Birgitta Trail is a 50 km long hiking route in the beautiful nature of Lempäälä!
The trail has good, yellow-painted indications along the whole route that are normally marked in trees. One can also stay over night in one of the various lean-to´s or huts, always when following and obeying the Every Man´s Rights.

The Birgitta Trail brochure in pdf format:

Birgitta Trail.pdf (286 kB)
In this brochure you can find detailed information about Birgitta Trail
Hakkari and Kuokkala areas with services.pdf
You can start your visit to Birgitta trail near Hakkari sports centre, a couple of kilometres from the centre of the municipality. In Hakkari area you can also visit the old museum road and the beautiful arboretum.
Finland´s biggest roofed town and legend of the trail.
Kaitajärvi, Ammejärvi, Sääksjärvi areas with services
Both Kaitajärvi and Ammejärvi are great destinations for anyone interested about nature. In Kaitajärvi there are good resting and cooking possibilities and a nice beach. In Kaitajärvi you can hear and watch birds and their active life. However, remember not to disturb the birds! Ammejärvi is a good destination even for the smallest children in the family and you can even combine these two destinations in the same day, the distance between these places is only 3,6 km.
Kirskaanniemi, Green Trail
Kirskaanniemi area is a beautiful place to visit with family and friends. Here you can spend a day fishing and swimming or just enjoying the peace and quiet of the beautiful nature.
Saarikonmäki and Siisjärvi areas
Saarikonmäki lean-to is easily accessible for families and physically disabled visitors. In the both sides of Saarikonmäki road there are many hazels growing. Siisjärvi is, most of all, a scenery place. It is not recommended to small children because of its hight differences.
In Vähä-Riutta is possible to spend the night in a group of 15-20 people. There are fireplaces outside and inside. Vähä-Riutta is situated in a wonderful place beside a beautiful pond. This part of the Birgitta trail connects with Karin´s path in Kangasala. True peace and quiet can be experienced in the wilderness between Vähä-Riutta and Iso-Riutta.

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Here you find everything what is typical in Finland

Just 15 minutes south of Tampere you find the pleasant municipality of Lempäälä with its many lakes and beautiful sceneries. Lempäälä (the name associates with tender love) also is a kind of miniature Finland. Therefore it is very suitable for a ”Finland in five hours” tour for foreign visitors such as conference groups.

Visit a farm and small enterprise or bird watching tower

The bus trip takes visitors to experience lake shores, forests and a farm. You’ll hear about the fascinating Nordic nature, see a real sauna, the medieval parish church and memories of the hard wars. You can climb on a wooden tower for sights or alternatively meet an artisan at her studio. The basic features and current issues of the Finnish society are briefly explained, as well something of the strange language. The tour includes a light lunch and a typical afternoon coffee with local pastries.

Depart from Tampere 12:30, return 17:30.  Group size 12–30 persons. It is also possible to take a boat from or to Tampere city center or combine the tour with a sauna evening by a lake. Feel free to ask about customised events according to the group's interests.


More information and reservations:
Lempäälä Development / Tourism info
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